Train for an event or elite sport

Is there an event or life time personal goal that you really want to tick off?

Well now is the time...Anything from a 10km fun run or short course triathlon through to running a marathon or  competing in an Ironman triathlon we can help you.

All programming will be logged on this website.You will have a password and can access your programmes weekly from wherever you are in the world.

You do the work, we write the programmes, you achieve, as simple as that.

Programmes start from $30 per week + GST: (programmes only, does not include consultations or personal training sessions).


Athletes and Sportspeople: Are you wanting to get the edge in your chosen sport?

Jason and Rhiana have and do work with some of New Zealanders top sportspeople.

From elite professional athletes to high school prodigies, Sweat will provide you with the training tools and knowledge to take that next step.

Sessions start from $85 + GST per person.


Contact us at Sweat if you are interseted in group or team training.

Our Clients

Greenwich Open
Joelle has had huge success recently at the World Doubles Championships winning the women’s doubles as Joelle & Amanda Landers-Murphy comprehensively defeated the Australian pair of Rachael Grinham & Donna Urquhart in two games. Joelle then...