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Maia K
8 September 2017
Maia K

Name: Maia k


Occupation: Student


How long have you been coming to SWEAT?

About 4 months


What’s one accomplishment you are most proud of?

Getting into netball Reps after not making it next year. Making the Waikato quadrangular squash team. 


What are 3 words to describe SWEAT?

Hardworking, intense, fun 


Best and worst part of working out?

Worst- Thinking about how tired I am.

Best- It makes me feel good.

What’s your favourite & least favourite exercise?

Best- Full Sit Ups

Worst- No arm knee tucks

Best song to workout to?

Glorious by Maklemore

Pre/Post workout routine?

Pre- Spray my knee with ice spray

Post- Make sure I am hydrated and have something to eat.

Favorite sports team & how do you show your support?

Silver Ferns and Magic. I watch them on TV and when they have home game  I go and be a loud fan in the stand.

Your goals & aspirations?

My long term goal is to be a silver fern and short term is to get into the top netball team at high school. I also want to be as good as my brother at Squash.

Best advice to give a new SWEAT client?

Show up, give it your all, nothing left in the tank and the best advice I can give is always listen to Rhi!!

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Our Clients

Our Clients
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