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Rob Hart
14 October 2016
Rob Hart

Name: Rob Hart

Occupation: Lawyer and ex Black-Cap cricketer


How long have you been coming to SWEAT?

  • 5 years at SWEAT, but been training with Jason though cricket since the late 1990’s

What’s one accomplishment you are most proud of?

  • Getting back into shape after losing my fitness when I retired from cricket

What are 3 words to describe SWEAT?

  • Outstanding, Rewarding, Motivating

Best and worst part of working out?

  • Best part is feeling great afterwards; worst part is the pain!

What’s your favourite & least favourite exercise?

  • Favourite is Chin ups 
  • least favourite is cycle

Best song to workout to? 

  • Bonfire Heart by James Blunt 

Pre/Post workout routine?

  • Banana and water before workout; lots of water after workout

Favorite sports team & how do you show your support?

  • Waikato Magic netball team.  I show my support by going to their games with my family.

Your goals & aspirations?

  • To be fit, balanced, healthy and happy

Best advice to give a new SWEAT client?

Put your trust in Jason and Rhiana – they rock it and will do a great job helping you achieve your goals, whether you are an elite athlete or drive a desk these days like myself.


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