Train for an event

Is there an event or life time personal goal that you really want to tick off:

Well now is the time:

Anything from a 10km fun run or short course triathlon through to running a marathon or  competing in an Ironman triathlon we can help you.

All programming will be logged on this website.You will have a password and can access your programmes weekly from wherever you are in the world.

You do the work, we write the programmes, you achieve, as simple as that.

Programmes start from $30 per week: (programmes only, does not include consultations or personal training sessions).

Our Clients

Our Clients
Name: Charlotte Sarsfield  Occupation: Dental Assistant (Training for NZ Police)    How long have you been coming to SWEAT?  7 months    What’s one accomplishment are you most proud of? Bouncing back from...