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Denyse B
8 September 2017
Denyse B

Name: Denyse

Occupation: Director/Admin/ Waikato Bricklaying Business


How long have you been coming to SWEAT?

6 years 

What’s one accomplishment you are most proud of?

Being able to run longer distances

What are 3 words to describe SWEAT?

Encouraginin,g motivating, supportive

Best and worst part of working out?

Worst- Exhaustion felt suring workout and then sore muscles

Best- Ticking off another workout

What’s your favourite & least favourite exercise?

Favourite - I dont mind ab work and weights

Least favourite - too many to mention (Kettlebells, running, cycling)

Best song to workout to?

I dont really mind -except rap stuff

Pre/Post workout routine?

Pre- Good breakfast

Favorite sports team & how do you show your support?

We enjoy going to Magic netball games when they are playing in Hamilton.

Your goals & aspirations?

Probably get fitter, maybe tick off a few more longer runs.

Best advice to give a new SWEAT client?

Make it a routine and set some goals. Allow Jason and Rhiana to help you achieve the goals you want. 

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